Our May, 2012 Top Posts

1) Riemann Chair in Gilt Bronze by Craig Van Den Brulle: 431 views:

Riemann Chair in Gilt Bronze by Craig Van Den Brulle

2) Bommel by MYK: Pom Pom Poufs & a Chair: 430 views:

Bommel by MYK

3) Cloud Nine by Richard Frinier: 429 views:

Cloud Nine by Richard Frinier

4) DIY “Sit” Chair: 425 views:

5) Darren Lago‘s ‘Electric Chair’ (2003): 414 views:


Our May, 2012 Best

Our top 5 are based on our feedreader analytics.

Based on Google analytics our stats went down almost 10 %
Visits: May 38,963 vs April 43,182 -9.80%
Pageviews: May 93,955 vs April 103,572 -9.31%

Reasons I can think of this drastic decline are:

  • The server problems and outings of the site in the first weeks of May must have played a role.
  • Google changed its search algorithm again
  • Google started reporting many errors due to the outings which I’m paying attention to slowly but gradually.
  • I’ve changed the site a bit so that people are landing on error pages again, in stead of the home page in case of a 404. The main reason is for this change is to weed out the errors as much as possible…that will take some time

On a positive note the post Chairchill by Helmut Palla got 677 pageviews according to Google Analytics:

Well will see what will happen in June. Hope to see you back then!

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