Lone Ranger Chair by Erika Winters




Lone Ranger Chair by Erika Winters

When I spontaneously advised Erika to pose herself for her chairs in Revisited: Erika Winters – Mexican Chair Redesigner, little did I know she would take me very serious (I do admit there is a bit of whishful thinking involved;-)). On the other hand it inspired me to establish the Chairchez La Femme category here.

I really love this presentation!

About the Lone Ranger

The chair as fetish object:

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (August 8, 2011). – On Saturday the Mexican interior designer Erika Winters presented the chair Lone Ranger at the opening of the exhibition Furniture Fetish in the art gallery “Antebellum Gallery” in Los Angeles, California…

Via Erika Winters’ Blog.

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