Top posts of April 2011

1) Making of Eames Lounge Chair in the Vitra Atelier, 444 views.

Eames Lounge Chair

2) HarpaH by Matteo Astolfi, 409 views.

3) Sofa by John Vesey (1960), 407 views.

Sofa by John Vesey (1960)


4) Dutch or Scheveningen Beach Chair by Marijn van der Poll: Kaigan for Ahrend, 400 views.

Dutch Beach Chair Kaigan by Marijn van der Poll

5) Gazelle high back lounge chair, model 50B by Don Johnson, 397 views.

Gazelle High Back Lounge Chair Model 50B by Dan Johnson

6) Hasard Cheratte Chair, 393 views.

Hasard Cheratte Chair via RedDave


Actually I like the format of Popular posts of March 2011. Therefore I repeat it here on the basis of our feedburner stats. I hope you like it too.

Visits (53,729) and pageviews (120,765) were slightly down from March, despite the fact that March started with some considerable down time which we luckily haven’t seen in April.

Maybe due to the fact that we published 15 posts less than in March (85 versus 100) or to the fact that April gave us considerably better wheather than March.

Let’s see what May brings us all.

5 thoughts on “Top posts of April 2011”

  1. I like this style of ‘top posts of the month’. As a chair enthusiast, it is interesting to see which chairs captured the attention of other visitors. different strokes for different folks.

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