Duo Stool by Olio Objects


This great little Duo stool by Melbourne design studioOlio Objects can be used as a stool, side table or hung upside down as a serving tray/ shelf. The design is held together by friction (the Tasmanian Oak dowel is tapered to fit securely within the copper fittings). Ready made parts inspired this fun design.

Olio Objects is a design studio started by Georgi Lewis that creates products and the processes to manufacture, promote and sell those products. The aim of the studio is to design with the end in mind and make objects that promote valuable crafts, are created responsibly and that can be enjoyed by the customer on more than one level.

The inspiration for this experimental piece came from a challenging brief to design a low tech product that could be made in a home workshop, out of standardised existing materials. This item can be made completely from salvaged materials.

The Duo stool can be purchase from Schtick and is in the window of Schtick on Lygon for the rest of July and into mid August.

Price: $250
For further information visit olioobjects.com


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