Best of September 2012

1) 335 views: Marc Newsom’s New Book:


2 – 3) 314 views:Laced Lady in a Vintage Knotted Chair:


2 – 3) 314 views: Chair C 1715 by 22 22 Edition Design:


4) 311 views: Croisillon Armchair by Jean Royère:


5) 306 views: Ham Chair:

Ham Chair

The best of Chair Blog in September 2012

In September, 2012, I count 58 posts.

According too Google Analytics: We got 44,163 visits and 102,822 page views.

In August, 2012, visits amounted to 40,478 and page views to 143,001.

The best 5 mentioned above are based on our Feedburner stats. Probably now really the last post based on these stats. On October 20, 2012 the Feedburner API will be discontinued…The stats were facing problems this month already during a couple of days.

Jetpack top 3

On August 15, 2012, I’ve installed the Jetpack WordPress plugin with some stats. Here below the top 3 according to those stats (less to not clutter the post too much):

1) 149 views: “A” Corner Chair by Steven Holl:


2) 114 views: SEAT – A Chair Pavillion:


2) 145 views: Honeycomb Chair:

Honeycomb Chair

Post alia

Please note Feedburner views are mostly views from feed readers that usually do not click to our site whereas other stats do only count page views from sites that do click on our site…

Finally an update on our Tumblr import: From the approximately 1,300 posts imported still 764 are unedited. Have a look at our tumblrd category to see if there is news for you.

Hope to see you back in October!

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