4 Cantilever Tubular Mystery Chairs

Cantilever Tubular-Mystery-Chair
4 Cantilever Tubular Mystery Chairs

And of this nice set of 4 Cantilever Tubular Chairs nobody at Venduehuis The Hague seems to know the designer or pedigree. Therefore one seems to be able to pick them up for a nickle or a dime as the estimate is Euro 200 – 300…

Update: Sold for Euro 260. I would have loved to have these chairs and reupholster them with real leather….

4 thoughts on “4 Cantilever Tubular Mystery Chairs”

  1. @Guido
    //2,100 metal tubular chairs of Otakar Macel//
    Currently available on Amazon from GBP 98.00 / EUR 120 / USD 156. I couldn’t read that in the bathroom – and at that price it should have this chair in it!

    How is this chair portable? It won’t stack, it uses a massive section of Steel and it’s Chrome plated. I don’t think those chairs are going anywhere in a hurry.

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