Blind Clinker by Bob Brobbel

Blind Clinker by Bob Brobbel

Bob Brobbel was able to realise a chair in which his ideas concerning perspective, technical and mathematical issues converged. He came in contact with Zetel through a prototype from 2001 and then began researching and developing the chair that would later become the Blind Clinker. The conceptual model for the chair is “the qjb”, a long forgotten mathematical formula. Simply said, it is a deformed wrought- leaden cube.
Light and electronic sound was especially added to the first version by Bob Brobbel for the exhibition in De Witte Dame, the former Philips building in Eindhoven. The Blind Clinker always stands on a sloping plane and the person who sits down rocks softly, diagonally. The rocking generates an electronic sound, also designed by Bob Brobbel, which can be amplified by touching the 5 buttons on the arm of the chair. The rocking triggers the lamp inside the chair to go on and out, spreading a special moiré effect. It is possible to create your own theatre by sitting in the Blind Clinker.

Source: Dutch Seating Foundation

This chair fetched Euro 10,000 at the recent design auction of the Venduehuis The Hague (Estimate was €12000 – 13000).

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