Best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December 2012

1) 391 views: Stackable Chair by Jonah Willcox-Healy:


2) 379 views: Wingback Redesigned by David Rasmussen:


3) 360 views: Folding by Youri Jedlinski:

Folding by Youri Jedlinski

4) 357 views: Moonlander Chair by Carl Hagerling:

moonlander chair by Carl Hagerling

5) 357 views: Egg Armchair by Andrey Dokuchaev:


The best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December, 2012

Busy off line, therefor a day late, but here our Feedburner based best 5 posts.

Google Analytics shows dramatic decrease in traffic for the period Half November – Half December 2012:

Visits: 16,811 vs 42,319 (-60.28%)
Pageviews: 43,012 vs 97,556 (-55.91%)

I really don’t know what we did wrong to Google that we have been hit this hard after our all times high of November 8, 2012 with almost 8,000 page views on one day. We will see.

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!

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