Nausicaa Armchair by Marco Matteini

Nausicaa Chair by Marco Matteini

Nausicaa Armchair by Marco Matteini

Marco Matteini

Designed the Nausicaa Armchair in 1991 for Italian furniture manufacturer Giovanetti

About Marco Matteini

Marco Matteini was born in Pistoia in 1961. He graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1987, where at the same time he start teaching and researching. Since 1991 he is a member of the study group for the establishment of the Pistoia Observatory Museum. In 1994 he obtained a master’s degree in design of hospital buildings at the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna. He lives and works in Pistoia where he looks after architecture and design, and he joins in architectural competitions in Italy and abroad. His works have been exhibited in Florence, Verona, Milan and New York.

Via Archiproducts.

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