Endless Chair by Dirk van der Kooij

Endless Chair_MG_4505
Endless Chair by Dirk van der Kooij_MG_2573
Dutch designer Dirk van der Kooij is one of those alumni of the Eindhoven Design Academy who come to fame with one of their graduation projects. Dirk experimented with old fridge hulls and a 3D printing machine and created the Endless Chair. Sold already to MoMa, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and vitra Design Museum. I should have featured it here already, but I’ve been waiting till I could make my own photo’s. The first photo is the one currently been sold at Piet Hein Eek’s studio. The second photo is a preproduction model which was on sale at the Venduehuis The Hague back in October 2012. There it was not sold.

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