Top 5 of March 2013

1) 385 views: Lotus Chair by René Holten:

Lotus Chair by René Holten

2 and 3) 373 views: 2450 chair by Junpei Tamaki:

2450 Chair by Junpei Tamaki

2 and 3) 373 views: Chair Audio Mix:

4) 365 views: Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans:

Ahrend 380 by Ineke Hans blue

5) 349 views: Dogleg Chair by Derek Welsh:

Dogleg Chair by Derek Walsh

Top 5 of March, 2013

Based on our Feedburner stats.

I’ve left out Best of February, 2013.


After an update of Headway, we lost the Analytics tracking code last week. Oops! So no correct stats over the period. But a little increase according to Jetpack stats March with 52,468 views vs February with 49,886 views (an increase of 5.2%)

Stay tuned!

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