Top 5 of April 2013

1) 231 views: Strip Chair by Massimo Castagna:

Strip Chair by Massimo Castagna

2) 230 views: Famous Swildens Desk with Seat for Peugeot (1966) Reedited:

Famous Swildens Desk with Seat for Peugeot (1966)

3) and 4) 221 views: Golden Mystery Chair:

Golden Mystery Chair

3) and 4) 221 views: Little Chair Model:

Little Chair Model

5) 218 views: Imprint Stools by NOCC:

Imprint Stools by NOCC

6) 216 views: Sexy Chair photoshopped by Depinve:

Sexy Chair photoshopped by Depinve

Top 5 of April, 2013

Based on our Feedburner stats.

In April we have published the second highest number of posts of all time: 233. In January 2012 we count 262 posts.

I’ll explain the reasons for this high number:
In April, 2013 I’ve finalized the second tranche of Tumblr imports that I started back in August 6, 2012 (If you’re interested, read Tumblr and similar Curating Tools). We still carried many “Private” Tumblr imports. That explains part of the high number of posts for April. In addition I created the 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day 100 posts which explains the other part.

In one way or another the higher number of posts published influence the per post number of views in the above ranking which is lower than usual. I believe the reason is interested Feedreader users have to spread their attentions over many more posts.

Furthermore we have lost the site for almost 3 days (April 19, 20 and 21) due to a WordPress and/or server issue. Luckily through a Vaultpress backup I was able to restore the site. The only remaining issue is that we have to recreate a number of imported Tumblr posts, because we lost the photo’s in the process. The conclusion is not to import Tumblr posts anymore, but only to use it for manual inclusion here if and when apt. Moreover I see myself use Pinterest more and more rather than Tumblr.

Update: Oops, after publishing, I saw I had omitted the interesting Imprint Stools. Hence there are now top 6 in stead of top 5 featured.


Bearing in mind the site was not accessible for 3 days in April, the stats are not very reliable to compare. According to Jetpack stats April had 48,615 views vs March 52,468 views. When you add in stats of the 3 lost days, views would have been approximately the same.

May will be blue chair month. I’m planning to post approximately 2 posts per day. Stay tuned!

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