Top 5 of May, 2013

1) 271 views: Blue Armchair 400 by Alvar Aalto for Artek:

Blue Armchair 400 by Alvar Aalto for Artek_MG_3669

2) 263 views: Blue Chair And Pet Quarters:

Blue Chair And Pet Quarters

3) 257 views: Blue Bold Chair by Big Game CH:

blue bold chair by big game ch

4) 251 views: Blue Coconut Chairs by George Nelson:

Blue Coconut Chairs by George Nelson

5) 247 views: Blue Verner Panton S Chair:

Blue Verner Panton S Chair

Top 5 of May, 2013

Based on our Feedburner stats.

Am glad one of my own photo’s reached the first place.

This concludes May blue chair month.

As explained in my prior post I’ve been busy to redress 100rds of posts that I had lost the images of in April. Therefor an average number of new posts.

Also I’ve reached a strong conclusion: Never to import a Tumblr post again Automatically. Just to reproduce them manually.

For the first time in years we had a whole month without any down time. Yay!


According to the stats module of the Jetpack plugin May had 49,829 views vs April 48,615 views. Hence my conclusion is the more posts, the more views as we lost 3 days in April, but had many more posts.

Stay tuned!

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