Dijsselhof Throne

Dijsselhof Throne I56A1020

Dijsselhof Throne

Recently I had the opportunity to walk through the Gemeentemuseum The Hague (The Hague Municipal Museum of Modern Art) with a museum guide only and solely devoted to me. We visited a room I’d never seen before. It turns out the room is behind curtains because it is very susceptible to daylight. It is the Dijsselhof room.

Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof was a Dutch Art Nouveau designer who had designed a room for a doctor who died before he could enjoy Dijsselhof’s design. Thereupon the room was donated to the museum while it was being build. So the museum has a rather unique situation of a room that is build around the interior designed by Dijsselhof.

The throne is part of the room.

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