Flecto by Christian Juhl


Flecto by Christian Juhl

This material-driven project is based on the idea of collaboration between two contradictory materials. On one hand, I wanted to work with wood, a material rooted in tradition and known for it’s, strength, warmth and tactility. On the other hand, I wanted to work with silicone, which in contrast is pliable and flexible, adding softness, flexibility and comfort. My aim was to challenge the dining chair in terms of new materials and to take advantage of the flexible silicone as a new feature to enhance comfort. The flexible backrest accommodates the back and allows for user mobility. The gentle cushioning function underneath the wooden seat adds comfort and softness, and the ferrels grips the floor all the while protecting the chair from shoemarks. I took advantage of the functionalities that the material silicone possesses: comfort, flexibility and playfulness.
In order to make the silicone collaborate with the wood, I had to find a way that the silicone could lock itself inside the wood. raditional cabinetmaker joinery ended up being the inspiration of connecting the silicone to the wooden handles of the backrest. The two wooden handles are gently placed inside the mold while pouring the silicone into the mold. The silicone will run inside the turned handle and spread out to the two “buttons” on the handles and lock itself inside it, as it sets.

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