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Where do I get my inspiration for a post? It differs. For this post I looked up a Twitteraccount Haworth and found their site and one of their manufacturers.

Brunner :: is a German manufacturer of objectfurniture from Baden, Germany.

1977: Making the impossible possible.

In a second-hand VW Bulli van, Rolf and Helena Brunner set out to complete an order for a customer that their former employers had declared “impossible”. At the same time, they decided to found their own company. Today, more than 40 years later, the principle remains the same: our next innovation could be anything – just not impossible.

Dr. Marc Brunner

I love their A-Chair by Jehs and Laub

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  1. c’est une très belle chaise design. j’aime beaucoup ce type de design. ce type de chaise design est vraiment attractif pour les clients
    Les informations fournies sont très cruciales pour moi et pour beaucoup d’autres. Alors, partagez ce type de blog avec nous. Je vous remercie Visitez-nous

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