Installation “In Place” by Anna Maria Maiolino (with Chair)

I had shared earlier work by Anna Maria Tumblrd aand found this on her site

In Atto is rendered by two women: the young performer, Sandra Lessa, and the elder, Anna Maria Maiolino. The artist’s participation in this work exudes metaphoric and symbolic aspects, as a support for bringing the youngster back to life.

The work shows life-affirming aspects of rituals related to pain, repression and death. Sandra, the young performer, composes a language of voiced sounds associated to the dramatization of her body. The soundscape works with a language of its own, with an extra-grammatical sense, and without losing the feeling of the dimensions of the creative act in the making. The corporal dramatization in IN ATTO, compared to a shamanic rite with its shouts and movements, stirs the self-restoration of life over death. The body, initially inert and wrapped in bandages, as the performance unfolds feeds on itself, is regenerated and returns to life.


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