Gents Collection of Bicachair

Bicachair revives the Portuguese Chair, designed by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos and Master Serafim, in the mid-1950s. The Portuguese chair became a national symbol.

A New Chair with 60 years of History

Created in the mid-1950s, the Portuguese chair is a national cultural symbol. Known on every terrace in the country, it is now reborn and ready for indoor spaces with BICAchair displaying collections with various styles and personalities.

The GENTS Collection combines an unquestionable aesthetic with a superior level of comfort, resulting in a one of a kind chair. The outcome of a high density foam, covered by a smooth leather. That’s how the Gents chair has to be.

The diamond shape pattern gives this collection an elegance and character that makes it unique. A design icon now reborn and a tribute to those that have a little bit of gentleman inside of them. It’s a piece that will bestow elegance in anyplace and without a doubt an extension of it’s owner’s personality.

Social responsibility cannot be optional and that is why we associate ourselves with causes according to each collection’s characteristics. The Movember Foundation is the only charity that deals with men’s health, on a global scale and throughout the whole year.

BICAchair joins fundraising for Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, which celebrates a worldwide charity tour every year.

2 thoughts on “Gents Collection of Bicachair”

  1. Hello ,
    My name is Alexandre Caldas and i`m the responsable for the BICAchair Project .
    We recieved a contact from Chile because of your post about the Gents Collection .
    I didn`t know about your blog and i Just want to thank you for that .
    Once your intrested in Chairs , I leave you with another reference in Chairs that you might like to take a look ( ) .
    Thanks once again and congratulations for the good work ;p
    From Sunny Lisbon , Cheers .

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