999 Armchairs Book

More than 999 new and forgotten (arm) chairs

A week or 2 ago I noticed somebody wanted to contact me and traced me on al sorts of social media.


Mr Peter van Zoetendaal appears to be a Dutch artist and himself a chair designer, actually more a sofa designer. He created a photo book with 999 new and forgotten (arm)chairs. He is a great fan of Chairblog that had helped him to get a lot of inspiration in his search for ideas and sources for this book. Each A 4 page has 4 photo’s of an armchair and a handwritten note by Peter with the name of the maker or of the designer of the chair.

I received a copy last Saturday as a thank you for the creation of Chairblog.

On my turn I now have 999 more chairs to feature here on Chairblog, although a couple have their place already here. Please stay tuned.

The book is not available for sale. I’m honoured having received this token of appreciation. Thank you Peter!

Update April 14, 2021: In the meantime I have published 5 armchairs from the book and they all point back to this post. Time to make a 999 Armchairs Book category


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