Arch Chair by Douglas and Bec Snelling via Fábrica de Imaginación

Arch Chair by Douglas and Bec Front
Arch Chair by Douglas and Bec side
Arch Chair by Douglas and Bec side

The move of this website to the other hosting company took much more time than I anticipated, because I did’nt seem able to get the link structure as it used to be: “ After migrating the site I got a mere…..very bad for the Google ranking Chairblog has built up over all those years.

When I finally succeeded to get it right after more than a week puzzling and partly sleepless nights, you can imagine I was a bit euforic and ready to go full speed ahead again. Especially when I read back a compliment a fellow blogger made us 10 years ago:

I try not to let a week pass by without taking a good, long gander at the wares offered by our friends over at Chairblog, whose tenacity and persistence in ferreting out avant-garde designs never ceases to amaze.

Joseph Starr of 3 Rings

So I browsed around a bit and visited Pinterest and found, Koral Antolín, A young Spanish woman with a raving long curly red hairdo and her design/annex studio blog Fábrica de Imaginación


Fábrica de Imaginación is a DIY-inspired digital medium and creative studio based in Madrid founded by Koral Antolín in 2014.

Koral has a degree in Fine Arts and over the years she has not only put into practice the many skills acquired during her training, but has continued to grow artistically in the world of set design and photography to be able to compose visual stories to unleash to your tireless imagination.

Factory of Imagination is steeped in the trends of today and tomorrow, selecting the most interesting objects and materials of the moment to create DIY tutorials for fashion and minimalist decoration.
Years of work and content creation on the blog have made it position itself as a benchmark for DIY (do it yourself) in Spanish on the web.

The curiosity for the objects that surround us is characteristic of the projects of Fábrica de Imaginación. Discovering how these objects work has always been a key step for Koral, over the years, to have been able to deconstruct, reinvent, undo and reassemble them in a totally unexpected and original way. Every DIY specialist’s dream!
Creative study

Although Fábrica de Imaginación was born as a DIY design blog, it soon evolved to develop more complex projects, thus becoming a creative studio specialized in art direction, set design, props styling and photography.
The knowledge of these interconnected artistic disciplines has allowed us to develop a characteristic visual storytelling where the stories use composition, form, color and textures to come to life and surprise the viewer.

Studio fi by Fábrica de Imaginación is its own brand launched in December 2018 to bring the original designs made by Koral closer to the public. A brand that was born from a passion for art and minimalist design and that is strongly committed to the artisan process with quality materials and to creations that last beyond time and trends.
Contact information

Designed by Douglas and Bec

We are a design-and-make studio producing contemporary furniture and lighting, based in New Zealand, with showrooms in Auckland and Melbourne. Our work explores the contrast of natural hand-crafted materials with elegant linear forms, searching for the perfect balance between tactility and poetry.

The provocation of fine art, the lessons of design history, and a dedication to immaculately beautiful craftsmanship inform our process. We believe in the honesty of pure materials, and in recognising the many hands and minds that help shape every piece of our work. We love the energy of creative collaborations with our fellow designers and makers around the world.

We are Douglas and Bec Snelling. Father and daughter. Designer and maker. Dreamers and doers both.


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