Airplane Seats by Pearson Lloyd

Airplane Seats by Pearson Lloyd

Recently London based designers Pearson Lloyd designed a new interior for  the German Aircarrier Lufthansa’s Airbus A350 Cabin.

Designing Airplane seates, like designing car seats is no senecure as comfort and sturdiness are high on the shortlist.

Drawing inspiration from ideas of space and scale, the studio designed a cabin in which the seat is both a singular product with an immediate visual character, but also feel part of a broader whole, in dialogue with its surroundings inside and outside the aircraft.

The colour palette of the design is based on Lufthansa’s ‘colour breeze’ design concept, reflecting the multiple tones of blue in the sky and horizon, rooted in a modified Lufthansa blue. A combination of yarns is mixed in different proportions for different seat covers and creates a gradient that runs from dark blue for seats by the windows, where natural light is strongest, towards lighter tones of the colour breeze for seats at the centre of the cabin. The effect visually stretches the space, making the experience more inviting, calming and dynamic.


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