Thanatos Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Thanatos Chair by Philipp Aduatz
Thanatos Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Thanatos Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Via the RSS feed here from Core77 my eye was drawn to this chair.

It is nice to see Philip as always generous in showing the “making of” his mostly limited editions.

The Thanatos Furniture Collection is inspired by morbid forms and structures at the end of vegetation during autumn.

For this collection, Philipp Aduatz developed his own material, a resin-marble composite, combining the material advantages of stone and resin polymers. The material is composed from cast resin filled with a marble powder additive, a waste product from marble industry. During marble production processes, the marble industry generates large amounts of waste that give rise to environmental pollution. This project should demonstrate a possible application of these wastes.

The collection further represents the result of an intensive one-year research and experimentation in mould making techniques. First, a fragile model from paper was made for each piece. The chair and the table were cast in one piece in experimental moulds made from plaster. For the stool, first a master pattern was cast in experimental moulds made from silicone rubber and a composite material. Finally, durable silicone block moulds were made to replicate the stool in a larger edition.

Main goal was to develop an ultra-resilient but also tough material suitable for long-term use. Because it is cast in one continuous material, it can easily be refurbished by sanding and polishing as often as necessary. These properties together make it a sustainable and exceptionally long-lasting material.


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