Crocodile Armchair 02 by Aleksandar Ugresic

Crocodile Armchair 02 by Aleksandar Ugresic

#11 of the 999 Armchair Book
When you try to search Aleksander Ugresi you get no result, Only when you search for Aleksander Ugresi Chair you get the correct result. This is #11 of the 999 Armchairs Book. This is Crocodile number 2 as it has a reclining angle for the seat which number 1 does not have.

About Aleksandar Ugresic

Born in 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has studied pharmacy and he is owner-director of pharmaceutical manufacturing company named UFAR. As a successful businessman with more than 15 years of experience in his own business and with a great passion for design and photography, in the year of 2012 he has established a workshop for producing handmade solid wood furniture, named HOOKL und STOOL. With a basic esthetical idea based on the postwar Royal Scandinavian school postulates as a guide, he tried himself in designing solid wood furniture. By far, he has several successfully done projects.

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