Nef Highback by Patrick Norguet

Nef Highback by Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet has designed Nef for EMU, a new collection in aluminium entirely inspired by the pleasure of being outdoors, the result of a skillful combination of eclectic style and “visual lightness”. The tubular frame is combined with a seat in pressed sheet metal. The interwoven polyester cords, with a grid created using aisi316 stainless steel clips, lends a natural feeling of comfort and warmth: the structure has generous dimensions that both protect the person seated and allow them to see and hear. The grid uses an innovative fastening system.

Nef is a diverse collection, both in terms of the type of materials used and the range of chairs in the series, including models for the dining room and lounge, with backrests at different heights. Cushions and low tables soon will complete the series.

Via Stylepark


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