Triennale Armchair by Gio Ponti

Sold by Phillips Phillips in 2021 for £45,360

In his design of the present model armchair for ISA, Bergamo, Gio Ponti deconstructed the traditional form of the wing-back chair, achieving a greater visual lightness. Ponti’s inventive structure gives prominence to the void, dissolving the mass of the upholstered armchair to reveal a sculptural frame. The backrest, secured by brass pins, and seat appear suspended within the essential lines of the armchair’s frame. The organic shape acknowledges Scandinavian modernist design, in particular the furniture of Danish architect Finn Juhl who had exhibited his ‘Chieftain’ armchair at the IX Milan Triennale in 1951. Further exploiting the expressive potential of his traditional materials, Ponti inserted a metal frame within the wooden structure of the upholstered backrest, reinforcing the armchair’s visually weightless form.


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