Prototype Feltri Chair by Gaetano Pesce on Wright

Prototype Feltri Chair

A Happy 2024 to you all. Like last year I’ll try to post at least once per day in 2024. Last year, after Easter, I stopped when I was hospitalized for 10 days and had to lie down for a couple of weeks. Then my whole rhythm had disappeared. A new Year with new chances!

Prototype Feltri Chair by Gaetano Pesce

Lot 140 at a Wright Auction (same as lot 140 at the Lama Auction) shows us:

one of Pesce’s two original studies for the Feltri chair. The felt is covered in rubber, which allows it to be washed and waterproofed. This prototype’s base is made of bent felt treated with a rigid resin; this idea was later abandoned because of the materials’ fragility.


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