Zig Armchair by Ana Roque

Zig Armchair by Ana Roque

Found at House of Europe

Ana Roque Interiors is a portuguese luxury brand that specialises in handmade mid century modern/art deco furniture and lighting using only high quality materials and elegant aesthetics.History, tradition, and exclusivity are what Ana Roque Interiors delivers through its high-quality furniture, handcrafted in Portugal by the hands of a team of experts that follow the footsteps of the Portuguese craftsmanship. The uniqueness is also the result of a careful selection of the raw materials used such as glass, stainless steel, brass, wood, among others. Created in 1996 by Ana Roque, a recognised Portuguese interior designer that started developing products of excellence dedicated to the global luxury segment. Ana Roque Interiors is an elegant and sophisticated design brand. Their style: elegance and sophistication. They work to make our pieces timeless and this is only possible thanks to their minimalist’s design that with some details can make the difference and confers the brand signature. Proud to be partnering with House of Europe for Australian luxury homes and projects.

#30 of the 999 Armchairs Book.


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