Popsicle Chair by Markus Johansson

Popsicle Chair by Markus Johansson for Tekhne

Popsicle is an extremely contemporary design: the Popsicle chair bridges the contrast between industrial and handcrafted solutions, along the textural properties of solid wood, plywood and upholstery. The generous back and seat with optional upholstery provides for mayn hours of use. The chair is made in beechwood and can fit many different public areas.

About Markus Johansson

For me (Markus), design is about conveying an emotion that affects human Life and enhance everyday life. I (Markus) get my inspiration from different areas between humans and artifacts, through various tests, processes and studies where I am looking for the true path. My (his) vision is about combining technology, function and form with the goal of making everyday life more content. Environmental awareness is obviously important, but may not prevent creativity, my goal is to create products with new shapes and lasting value.

Since I (Markus)was a little kid, I (he) always felt a great energy and desire to create. When I (he)grew up I used to communicate using pictures and by drawing, shaping and coloring. After six years of studying furniture and product design at various schools, I am ( he is) now working as a freelance designer with products and furniture.

Today I work with both Swedish and international design companies, as well as in his own Markus Johansson Design Studio. His widely acclaimed Nest chair has been acquired by MAD, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

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