Parlour Lounge Chair by Jonas Wagell

Parlour Lounge Chair by Jonas Wagell for Wendelbo

Inspired by the idea of a “parlour” – a space designed for entertaining, socialising, and relaxation – the Parlour series for Wendelbo includes a lounge chair and a matching ottoman.

With pronounced piping details defining the shape, the lounge chair’s sweeping backrest is seamlessly attached to the round, voluminous seat. Elevated by a frame and gently tapered legs in powder-coated cast aluminium, the chair radiates confidence while maintaining a grounded presence.

Pondering the design, Jonas Wagell explains:
”I believe an iconic piece of furniture is created in one of two ways; Either with an idea, concept or construction that is unique enough to break new ground – or with shapes and proportions that capture a personal expression and embody a singular and recognisable character. This project strives to be just that. A simplistic and graphic object that will capture a room and be memorable for the eye.”

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