Wink Armchair by Toshiyuki Kita

Wink by Toshiyuki Kita

A design of 1980

I took this photo September 24, 2011 in the Milan Triennale Design Museum

In the Wink armchair, Kita created a playful, ironic and amusing image, its two big Mickey Mouse ears contrasting with the designer’s rigorous choice of materials and technological research.The metal frame is padded with polyurethane and Dacron, while the supports are made of ABS. A knob at the side adjusts the angle of the backrest, as in a car seat, and slides the leg-rest forward. In this way Wink can be turned in a bed/chaise longue. Even the ears/headrests are fully folding and become armrests when the user is sitting sideways

Milan Triennale Design Museum – 09


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