Hasard Cheratte Chair

Hasard Cheratte Chair via RedDave
Hasard Cheratte Chair via X-itje
Hasard Cheratte Chair via Vergane Glorie

One of our Facebook fans, La Duchesse et le Crapeaud, pointed me to the Hasard Cheratte Chair.

Hasard Cheratte is a Belgian Coal mine which closed in 1977. Since then it is a fave exploration object for urban explorers and photographers whose subject is abandoned places. A whole new category opens up for Chair Blog, the abandoned chair

This chair was used to operate winches for a heavy piece of a crane or a lift in the mine.

Photos via RedDave,X-itje and Vergane Glorie

Blue Chair – The Melancholy of Objects by Guy Batey

The Melancholy of Objects is a series of portraits of the objects photographer Guy Batey found lost or discarded on the streets of Southwark in South-East London. We, of course, are particularly interested in his “Blue Chair” piece pictured above.

Via Photojojo’s Facebook page

Lonely Pink Folding Chair

I Found this lonely Pink Folding Chair outside of Tate’s in London.

There is a whole One Chair Group on Flickr. I find the Lonely Chair idea nice and poetic enough to give it it’s own category on this blog.


Monobloc Plastic Chairs site revived


There are people who hate them, but at least one person I know loves them dearly: German Jens Thiel of Functional Fate [Ed: Unfortunately the site has disappeared]. I wrote earlier about Jens. Recently he mentioned that he had revived his blog and I promised him this post.

Kos is an Greek island. It is part of the 12 Dodecanos islands in the Aegean Sea just near the Turkish coast.
After a short occupation of the island by the Venetians and the Genoans, Kos came under the control of the Ioanniter knights in 1314 and was ruled by them until the Turks kicked them out in 1457. These knights built strongholds and one of those forts is still a ruin next to Kos city’s harbor where I took these photos when on holiday last year and thinking of Jens’ passion. “A strange place for monobloc plastic chairs” I thought.

Strange place huh? Jens feel free to copy!

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