Christophe Moinat Bone Chaise Lounge

The bone chaise lounge takes it name from the resemblance to a vertebrae found in the human back. In this piece the creator has fused minimalism and contemporary design. There is little extra to the chaise lounge, but the necessary elements highlighted by shape and form. This piece was designed by Christophe Moinat to be built in foam, leather, and fabric.

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Retro To Go: Geoffrey Harcourt space age Chaise Longue

A piece of seating that simply screams its era – the Geoffrey Harcourt Chaise Longue. That space age look isn't inspired by a bygone era, it's from a bygone era – 1970 to be precise. Yet it still looks years ahead of its time. What else can you say? Well, that foam padding should provide you with a great place to nap during that day and there's a wide choice of fabrics available to fit your interior. And if it doesn't fit, just wheel it into another room.

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Minimal Chaise Lounge by Franco Poli

Minimal Chaise Lounge
Minimal Chaise Lounge by Franco Poli
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Bouloum by Oliver Mourge

This human body shaped chaise lounge is named the bouloum lounge. With its anthropomorphic form, the Bouloum was named after a childhood friend of its designer, Olivier Mourgue, who took the charismatic seat with him when he travelled… even going so far as photographing it in various situations and writing anecdotes. As comfortable as it is provocative, one simply must experience the Bouloum to fully understand it. But be warned… once experienced, you will simply have to have one of your own…. it is that comfortable. Playful and practical, Bouloum is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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