Electric Chair with Butterflies by Bertozzi and Casoni


Electric Chair with Butterflies

Is an entirely ceramic chair installation by Italian ceramic artists Bertozzi and Casoni (Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano dal Monte Casoni), currently on display in Museum Beelden aan Zee here in The Hague.

Extraordinary Garden – High Back Chair by Jean Boggio for Franz

“Jardin Extraordinaire” (‘The Extraordinary Garden’) collection by Jean Boggio for Franz is finished in a timeless color combination of black and white and features this seemingly simplistic tall chair. It’s when you look closer that you realize it’s anything but simple – the chair’s high back is a white panel with a complicated porcelain jungle design on its front side. With volumetric palm trees, lianas and flowers, the chair back looks like a fine piece of art and is sure to make your dining room feel extraordinary.

If I were to put those at my place, I wouldn’t overburden the space with art and let the chairs dictate the theme instead. A candle lit dinner served against those artful beauties might provide for an interesting play of shadows! The only thing left to figure out is whether rubbing of backs against the fine porcelain is something to be concerned about.

Originally trained as a gold and silversmith, French artist Jean Boggio is best known for his jewelry creations – a passion he had since 1984. Ready to explore new artistic perspectives, in 2005 the artist joined forces with the Taiwanese porcelain manufacturer Franz, the collaboration that let Mr. Boggio make his entry into the field of furniture. Together they created a modern collection under the new Jean Boggio for Franz brand.

monobloc porcelain chairs by sam durant at art basel 2008

‘mono-block porcelain chair’ by sam durant, built by jiao zhi studio, xiamen, china (2006) image © designboom

the koyanagi gallery, tokyo, japan is showing artist sam durant’s porcelain mono-block chairs at art basel 2008.

‘sam durant’s series of sculptures replicates mass-produced plastic lawn chairs in fine chinese porcelain,
inviting the viewer to consider the aesthetic value of one of the world’s most democratic objects.
by remaking cheap garden furniture, often mass-produced in china, into one-off, handmade, high-end goods,
durant’s sculptures form an ironic comment on the condition of globalisation. they pose many questions about the
nature of mass consumption, the stereotyped saturation of the markets with cheap chinese goods, and the impact
of emergent industries on native and foreign cultures’.
text from sadie coles

mono-block porcelain chairs by sam durant at art basel 2008

Satyendra Pakhalé at the designer’s gallery in cologne, germany

flower offering chair

Flower Offering Chair

‘flower offering chair’, 2001, made from ceramic gold, limited edition of 7
at: designer’s gallery, cologne, germany opens during the cologne fine art weekend
from: november 21st, 2008 – february 20th, 2009
amsterdam-based designer satyendra pakhalé will be having an exhibition at the designer’s gallery which will commence during the cologne fine art weekend and run until february 20th, 2009. pakhalé works with a variety of materials including ceramics, glass and plastics. with these materials, he creates a variety of functional objects which range from kitchenwares and furniture to small appliances.

satyendra pakhalé at the designer’s gallery in cologne, germany

A Venetian Polychrome decorated Crab-Form Chair


Estimate £8,000 – £12,000 ($14,424 – $21,636)

Sale 7614
19th century furniture, sculpture, works of art & ceramics
24 September 2008
London, King Street

With hinged top opening to form a padded seat on rockwork upright and base
19 in. (48 cm.) high, closed
41 in. (104 cm.) high, open

Via Christie’s