Miniatur Stuhl

I found the German site Miniatur Stuhl which means Miniature Chair in English. The photo is from Dirk Dowald, a German Collector of Miniature chairs and owner of the blog.

He started with collecting Vitra Miniatures, but added later other brands, moreover he occasionally makes his own miniature. Amazing and a very good blog albeit in the German Language. You can use Google translate to understand it if you cannot reed German.

I’ve added it to Chairblog’s Top Inspiring Chair Design Blogs and Sites.

7 thoughts on “Miniatur Stuhl”

  1. May I ask if you are willing to let go of any chairs?

    I would like to buy the bottom green chair, in the photo from Mr Dirk Dowald.

    Love to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    I am from Singapore.

    1. Hi Veronica
      Thank you for your comment, but I cannot help you.
      We are amateur chair lovers and report about them.
      We do not manufacture seating furniture, we do not sell seating furniture and we do not buy seating furniture!

      p.s. maybe Mr Dowald would like to trade chairs …

  2. Thanks, Mr Guido.

    I guess you are replying to me. I am also a miniature chair collector. I just do not know where I can find the miniature of this lovely chair by G Ceretti.


    1. I did reply to you Veronica,

      But did it at first with a wrong name.

      It is very well possible that Mr Dowald made this miniature himself.

  3. So I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me 🙂

    Wow…he is a genius!

    Oh…by the way… I found the miniature piece by Gufram and i have ordered online from Barneys New York.

    Thanks for your time.


  4. I would love to…but my few chairs are not something you haven’t seen before.
    It would be perfect if someone could create a miniature of the Molar chair by Wendell Castle and the Living Tower by Verner Panton ☺

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