Yellow Mini Panton Chair

Yellow mini Panton Chair by Verner Panton

I knew I had a photo of a yellow panton chair. I found it and it appears to be a yellow mini panton chair and not the best photo at that.

If you are a real chair lover you buy yourself a couple of nice mini chair. However, that can be a very costly hobby. If you check for instance Nova 68 who sell some mini Vitra Chairs, you’ll know what I mean: For a set of 5 you still pay $ 168.-….and then probably it’s a copy….

Limited Edition Gold Panton Mini Chair

While we’re at the subject of gold, let me also share this little beauty – a mini version of a timeless classic, Panton chair, in, you guessed it, gold! Limited to only 500 pieces, the chair was made to celebrate the opening of the Panton Chair exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in 2009. The chair comes in a 1/6th scale to the original.


Dedegumo Chair Watch

Dedegumo is a watch shop founded in Kyoto, Japan, where each watch is handcrafted and no two pieces are exactly alike. Believing in the input of its watch artisans, Dedegumo trusts their creative judgment and the end result is sometimes a surprising design like this little chair watch above. How sweet and unexpected is it?

Photo by Kelly Framel


Wait… a Chair Ring?

If you think what you see is a chair, think again. It’s actually a Chair Ring! Yes, the kind of a ring you wear on your finger. I’m sure though, it would look equally as interesting if it was big enough to sit on. The Hand Engraved Chair Ring pictured above is by Kent Perdue


“I like to use my Chair Ring to experiment with different ideas I have. This one was very exciting to see come alive. I made a chair ring about twice as tall as normal and engraved a brass plate that I then attached to it’s back. The chair was painted white and sanded back to give it an antique distressed look.”

About the designer:

Ken Perdue received a BFA in Crafts and Material Studies with a focus in woodworking and furniture design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009. He is interested in making furniture, jewelry and other sculptural forms using a wide variety of techniques and materials.

Note: The link to Ken’s Etsy portfolio has disappeared.

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Miniature Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio on E-Bay

Eero Aarnio Miniature Ball Chair

Miniature Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio on E-Bay. [the link has disappeared since posting]

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