Segment: Modular Communication Solution by Noam Fass

First there was a TweetingSeat, now there is another attempt at creating a seating system that keeps you connected. Segment is a modular communication solution in which seats can be connected to one another to create different combinations depending on your needs, and each segment of the seating system has a USB port to keep you connected at all times.

Segment has three main modes (and can even become a sofa):

  1. Chaise mode, which allows for full interaction with laptop/tablet/smartphone;
  2. Seat mode – interaction with another person with laptop/tablet/smartphone;
  3. Social mode – interaction between up to four people.


Dedegumo Chair Watch

Dedegumo is a watch shop founded in Kyoto, Japan, where each watch is handcrafted and no two pieces are exactly alike. Believing in the input of its watch artisans, Dedegumo trusts their creative judgment and the end result is sometimes a surprising design like this little chair watch above. How sweet and unexpected is it?

Photo by Kelly Framel


TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl

TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl
TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl with man

Chris McNicholl™’s TweetingSeat is more than just a Twitter-themed bench, it’s an interactive seat designed to try and connect our digital and physical worlds. Each time someone sits down, TweetingSeat uploads an image from two cameras to the Twitter feed. One camera is located on the bench looking at the surrounding space, and another is located nearby looking at the people who use it.


Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

Rideable Vacuum Cleaner by Kristina Andersson

The aim is to involve children in cleaning up. But at least stopping them from screaming while they are not in the focus of our attention.

Via Elit Alice

The Dirty Dozen – Men's Fitness

THE BATTLE CREEK VIBRATORY CHAIR What the hell was it? A spasmodic seat that shook the sitter violently-until he relented and stood up. Conceived by Corn Flakes creator and bowel redeemer John Harvey Kellogg, this one was featured at his Michigan sanitarium. Debut: Circa 1900 The promise: Being shaken, not stirred, will stimulate intestinal contractions and, therefore, leave you with a cleaner colon. Our verdict: Sitters surely felt like Wile E. Coyote on "ACME Earthquake Pills." Reminds us of English nannies and baby-shaking scandals. "You might as well have sat on a hansom cab over a back-country road," says Seabourne.

Via The Dirty Dozen – Men's Fitness