Emeco: An Old Chair Manufacturer Goes Nude


About the ad
In the March 2008 Wallpaper* Magazine (UK) my eye was drawn to a new ad with nudes seated on an Emeco Navy 1006: One brushed, used by Petty Officer FTG3 | Tony Cost, and one polished, used by Parisienne socialite | Amelia-Louise Enright.

Ad by Wieden Kennedy, brand champions to many, who had assembled a creative team featuring Neil Wilder, celebrity photographer and maniacal visionary.

This is the first time I see full but decent nudity used for a chair ad.

Notice the hairdo analogy brushed (cropped) versus polished!

About Emeco
It all began in 1944 with the Emeco NAVY 1006 Chair in 1946. Then handmade and still handmade.

In an older ad they used to emphasize the solidity of the lightweight chairs with some weight in stead of nudity.

Emeco Navy Chairs Old Ad
Emeco Navy Chairs Old Ad

About Environmental Issues
Emeco claims: The content of recycled aluminum used to make Emeco chairs is 80%. Of the recycled aluminum, half is post consumer (soft drink cans) and half is postindustrial (manufacturing scrap). Chairs made out of virgin aluminum have an energy density that is 17 times higher than that of Emeco chairs. Well I like it. It is of course only half of the story as everybody knows aluminum is a hell of an energy gobbler before it reaches usable state. I see another slogan here: Drink and you will have half a chair:-)

About the Navy 1006 Chairs

I add two photos of the Emeco Navy 1006 Chairs:

the brushed one
and the polished one

Photos: Emeco

5 thoughts on “Emeco: An Old Chair Manufacturer Goes Nude”

  1. Hi Apryl

    Thank you for checking in.
    I looked at your site yesterday and find it impressive. How many chairs did you create? I only spotted one thusfar.
    I am very interested if you have more info.

    To answer your questions:

    Where I find my info?

    Books. Some of those I have referred to here under the Books catagory
    Magazines like Wallpaper*, World of Interiors, Elle interior
    My own collection of about 750 chair related links.
    A Google Newsreader with RSS feeds from design related Blogs, Architectural Blogs and so on….see the sidebar and follow the links
    I just created a scrapbook at Chair Blog | Tumblr and added over 200 items of interest there in two days. Some of those will be summarized here in this Blog in the course of this and coming month unless something else draws my attention.[ed: but discontinued since]

    How much time do I spend?
    Sometimes hours and sometimes minutes.



  2. Hi Guido-Chairs/furniture are one part of my artwork. I think I have 13 pieces currently listed on my website. They are easy to find, you must’ve just seen the one in the video. Click work at the top of the site, then objects and you’ll come to furniture. I love chairs, too. I have an installation in my dining room that is nothing but piled up chairs and parts of chairs titled “The Where And The How.” The room has yet to live it’s life as a dining room as it’s too busy being my chair museum. Pass the chairs, please.

  3. Hi Apryl,

    I was able to Tumblr one image from your press uploads. I can scrape more from Flash images, but that is far more complicated for me and time consuming. I hate Flash sites for that. I’ll sit and wait till you have uploaded more images.

    Plus I have syndicated the above entry here at Trendhunter

  4. I like your style.

    I have been collecting “chairs” for years. My personal goal is to have one or more from every designer on the famous designer chair poster.

    Emcos are among my favorites. I have a few variations of the original and even a few knock offs.

    Keep up the good work. Its nice to see someone whith a similar obsession!

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