Curating Chair Design – Pinterest or Cribcandy?

Mosaiik Bench by Annika Göransson

Found this Mosaiik (=Mosaic) Lounge Chair by design student Annika Göransson via via Tapeten on Pinterest

If you check out my My Saga about Chair Blog – Tumblr and other Curating Tools, you’ll understand why I’m always experimenting with social tagging or social curating.

With Chair Blog I would like to become one of the main online repositories for everything chair related. After starting on my own I’ve found two very helpful contributors and we hope to find more in the future.

You then also understand why I love a quote by another fan of us: Joseph Starr (who himself is a much better writer on the subject than I ever hope to be) of 3Rings

I try not to let a week pass by without taking a good, long gander at the wares offered by our friends over at Chairblog, whose tenacity and persistence in ferreting out avant-garde designs never ceases to amaze.

Crib Candy
We really like to be frequently quoted by Crib Candy and I like the way how you can easily flip through their categories like chairs, seatings, sofas or stools. Just a screen full of photos in a small size, but a size just big enough you can recognize the model and easily flip through. A Long time ago I’ve even created Wists. Whist is one of the sites related to Crib Candy. I almost forgot. However, it seems that the Cribcandy network has stopped somewhere to develop its site. There is no social element in it. Furthermore it is unclear who is behind the site and there is none to hardly any interaction on the site.

Update November 2015: Between the comments David Galbraith chimed in as the man behind Cribcandy and many more interesting things all over the web (see David Galbraight . org. He promised curation com, but it seems Pinterest has taken all the momentum….

Pinterest has a similar lay out as Cribcandy. Pinterest derived its name from to pin. You can pin a note to the wall. Its intention is that the “members” or “contributors” create and share portfolios. I has created a small bookmarklet with with you can place a photo on your pinboard. You can also Re-Pin an object. Repinning has a huge disadvantage, because each time an object is repinned, it appears in the Pin Board of the one who Re Pins. Cosequently you get a lot of doubles…not so much a problem with a limited number of Pinners in the current Bêta phase, but when it takes of there will definitely be a problem.

Pinterest is still in Beta. So you need an invitation. I got one and discovered I’m a source already over there: Pinterest Source | Chairblog. This is very helpful, like the FB Like it gives the poor lonesome blogger a bit feedback what his readers seem to like.

Now I’ve created my own page at Pinterest: Chair Blog | Pinterest.

(P)Interesting to see how it will develop.

Note: I discovered Pinterest first via a post of US based furniture company Herman Miller.