Confession Chairs by Arik Levy

“Recently some clerical members of a certain church are being exposed and under fire for having behaved inappropriately with young children. Therefor there may be a huge demand for these Confession Chairs by Arik Levy for those members of the clerus” I thought when I saw them first.

But from the outset the inspiration seemed slightly different, according to Paris based Galerie SLOTT:

Exhibition « Preliminaries » : design at the threshold of love.
As an extension of a project on the theme of love, SLOTT gallery and Exquise Design® have invited four designers to play out their fantasies, giving shape and meaning, breathing life into their conceptions of preliminaries. They have approached this subject from different and complementary viewpoints that together offer a panorama of creation like no other seen before….


With his installations, Arik confesses, bares his soul and invites us to do the same. His starting point is the observation that most Parisian couples end up divorcing and that building a life as a couple is an extremely fragile enterprise. Failure to communicate well is often at the root of this problem. Taboos and unspoken truths eat away at a couple’s harmonious existence. Confessions allow this trust to be rebuilt.

The chairs were on exposition at Milan Mobile in April 2010 at The Straf Design Hotel.