Infinity Bench by Andrew Williams & Tom Huang

Infinity by Andrew Williams and Tom Huang is a bench that explores the possibilities of bamboo strip construction and is made using a similar method of construction as used in canoe building. The bench is designed as public seating.

Yellow Darlington Chair by Roxy

Yellow Darlington Chair
Meet the Darlington Chair in yellow.
Via Society Social.

Hat tip Moggit Girls

Cobra Chair by Facundo Poj


Cobra Chair by Facundo Poj

Found at the Avant Gallery that has more interesting chairs.

About Facundo Poj

Facundo Poj is a Miami based designer born in Argentina in 1971. He was trained as a master builder back in his native Buenos Aires and moved to Boston in the early 1990’s where he graduated from Architecture school and also received a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems.
Poj is a handcrafter of furniture and objects, a designer of happenings and events, and a creator of unique spatial atmospheres. His use of materials is definitely on the unconventional side of the spectrum.

DaiDai Chair annex Bench by Mikko Paakkanen

Mikko Paakkanen of Helsinki, Finland based Studio Paakkanen designed this three legged bamboo chair for Japan based Magaru.. Eh..”Piece of cake” or “Slice of the orange” I would say 🙂

Yatara Stool by Juergen Lehl

Yatara Stool by juergen lehl ( photo by noriko matsumoto)
the babaghuri shop in tokyo showed a wild weave bamboo and stainless steel stool…

Via Design Boom