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Radiator Chair by Borislab

Radiator Chair by Swiss designer Boris Dennler of Borislab.

Having graduated as a precision mechanic and a decorator, Boris travelled through Asia during one year.
On his return to Switzerland, he was shocked by the abundance and the waste of objects that seemed doomed to obsolescence.
A strong desire to approach objects differently fuelled by an irrepressible urge to create lead Boris Dennler to found L’atelier BorisLab in 2004 – a laboratory dedicated to the study of materials and shapes, to the valorisation of existing objects, as well as to gratuitous and improbable experimentation. Inspired by the desire to create radical objects (regarding both shape and material), Boris designed a lamp series called Tetanos made up of unique components gained from recycled elements. The launch was followed by several successful exhibitions.
Approximately sixty unique lamps were sold to this day. At the same time, several lamp series such as “Hide” or “Livresse” were commercialised in 2006 and 2007 respectively.
With his hunger for experimentation still going strong, Boris Dennler continues to distil his ideas in seats and storage units.

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