CC-2 Armchair by Brat Pitt


Via Architectural Digest I discovered the site Pitt – Pollaro which was unveiled this month.

It turns out that Brat Pitt is not only a collector of design furniture, but has been sketching furniture as well.

In 2008, Brad Pitt commissioned a custom desk from Pollaro Custom Furniture. Frank Pollaro personally delivered the desk to Brad’s chateau in the south of France. During the installation, Brad and Frank found that they had a common passion for furniture and fine details. They discussed design history and their appreciation of materials, old and new. Most importantly, they shared a commitment to perfection.

During their discussion, Frank noticed a design sketch book on a nearby table. Intrigued by the hundreds of sketches that Brad had created over a ten-year period, Frank encouraged Brad to allow Pollaro to transform his drawings into three-dimensions. Brad enthusiastically agreed to move forward. In reviewing the sketches, they selected what would become the initial pieces of the Pitt-Pollaro collection.

Initially there will be a limited edition of 48 of these CC-2 armchairs numbered and signed both by Brat Pitt and Frank Pollaro.