A Venetian Polychrome decorated Crab-Form Chair


Estimate £8,000 – £12,000 ($14,424 – $21,636)

Sale 7614
19th century furniture, sculpture, works of art & ceramics
24 September 2008
London, King Street

With hinged top opening to form a padded seat on rockwork upright and base
19 in. (48 cm.) high, closed
41 in. (104 cm.) high, open

Via Christie’s

Jonathan Trotter

Jonathan Trotter Ceramic Stool

Yeah! The Brits used to and still would like to “Sit on the World” 🙂


Preserving English tradition is an important concept throughout my work. Using ceramics, contemporary processes and materials I create objects which celebrate British Society and domestic wares. I reinvent familiar domestic objects into contemporary pieces which echo traditional values through their forms

Comfortable ceramic collection, Ceramic Stool
Jonathan Trotter is a young designer who very cleverly and cost efectively used to put his portfolio on the Internet via a Blog.[but we lost the site since we published it]

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Qing Zuo by Judith van den Boom

Qing Zuo by Judith van den Boom

Qing Zuo by Judith van den Boom

Designer Judith van den Boom created a collection of stools with ceramic seats called Qing Zuo! in collaboration with local crafts workers during a three-month visit to China.

Via Dezeen

A Porcelain Chair Teapot

Cardew Royal Albert Wicker Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Royal Albert Wicker Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Pormierion Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Portmierion Chair Teapot

I didn’t know china chair teapots existed, but they do.

About Paul Cardew, Master Teapot Maker
Over the last fifteen years Paul Cardew has established himself as the world’s preeminent designer and producer of collectible teapots.

His talents have also been widely recognized by museums art galleries and the British Tea Council for whom he designed a special range of teapots in the late 80’s.

His obsession with producing ever more imaginative and intricate designs has remarkably not sent him “potty”. His youthfulness and energy bear witness to the naturally reviving qualities of tea.

You can find more about Paul Cardew and more of his chair teapots at the site Cardew Club

The photo’s of this post are borrowed from Trojan Horse Antiques & Collectibles

Functionalfate.org – Jens Thiel’s Monobloc Plastic Chairs Weblog [Disappeared]

Photo thanks to Austrian Der Standart

Functionalfate.org – Jens Thiel’s Monobloc Plastic Chairs Weblog was a blog tat disappeared in the meantime. I noticed it already when I was playing with the idea of starting my own Blog devoted to Chairs. Jens is addicted to the monobloc plastic chair:

This ceramic edition is less sore for my eyes;-)

His credo is:

practical / inexpensive / ecological / lightweight / washable / warm / sturdy / clean / weatherproof / inconspicuous / comfortable / stackable / smooth / airy / contemporary / ubiquitous / pragmatic MONOBLOC PLASTIC CHAIRS

His aim is collecting plastic chairs and work on an extensive illustrated monograph (partly to be seen in an article of ArtReview), to establish a museum exhibition and a documentary feature about this most successful and most hated furniture of all human creation: the monobloc plastic chair. He warmly invites everybody to contribute photos, stories or even chairs.

Well Jens, contact me: I have some of those for you:-)

Coming to think of it: This much hated monobloc plastic chair could be an excellent attribute for the Little People A tiny street art project Blog.

Update: Functinal Fate has disappeared but I found a German alternative dedicated to the monoblock chair: PlastikStuhl. Moreover: Jens Thiel‘s Flickr account seems still in operation.