Magic Hole by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell

Magic Hole is a collection of a two-seats sofa and an armchair designed by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell. The furniture comes in white, grey or black with an option of a contrasting “inside” color of orange or green.

Said to unify the style and practicality, Magic Hole collection is suitable for frequent use in public places, outside areas and even by swimming pools.

Via Kartell’s Facebook page

Mulch Chair by Craig McPherson

Mulch Chair by Craig Macpherson
It’s definite. I will not be able to investigate Design London IRL (In Real Life) like last year – with still many posts in my sleeve or on my unfinished posts pile.

Via Designers Block a preview of Craig McPherson’s Mulch Chair

Q Couch by Frederik Van Heereveld

Q Couch

The Q-COUCH is made from the lightweight material ARPRO EPP and is designed by the Dutch Designer Frederik Van Heereveld (FEEK).

Q Couch 02

It can be “Q-ued” in all lengths, shapes and colours in any way you want. The sections are pressed into each other – no screws or adhesives required. The Q-COUCH is available in 8 exciting colours at Movisi.

Via Trend Hunter via Design Spotter

Lawn Chair

Lawn Chair

Lawn Chair

The lawn chair is fabricated from renewable materials of steel, rubber and felt, and then finished with a layer of sod or ground cover. It is contoured for comfort and fully functional. Before sod, the chaise body weighs 25 lbs. and can be shipped dissembled from its base. When upholstered with sod, it is easily movable by two people. The lawn chair is equipped with a built-in moisturizing system that promotes even distribution of moisture under the sod, thereby minimizing evaporation and run-off. The lawn chair comes in a choice of 3 bases: a concrete footing base, a lightweight double metal base and a caster base for greater ease of mobility.

Via Trendhunter, by Fung + Blatt, architects in Los Angeles, USA. – Jens Thiel’s Monobloc Plastic Chairs Weblog [Disappeared]

Photo thanks to Austrian Der Standart – Jens Thiel’s Monobloc Plastic Chairs Weblog was a blog tat disappeared in the meantime. I noticed it already when I was playing with the idea of starting my own Blog devoted to Chairs. Jens is addicted to the monobloc plastic chair:

This ceramic edition is less sore for my eyes;-)

His credo is:

practical / inexpensive / ecological / lightweight / washable / warm / sturdy / clean / weatherproof / inconspicuous / comfortable / stackable / smooth / airy / contemporary / ubiquitous / pragmatic MONOBLOC PLASTIC CHAIRS

His aim is collecting plastic chairs and work on an extensive illustrated monograph (partly to be seen in an article of ArtReview), to establish a museum exhibition and a documentary feature about this most successful and most hated furniture of all human creation: the monobloc plastic chair. He warmly invites everybody to contribute photos, stories or even chairs.

Well Jens, contact me: I have some of those for you:-)

Coming to think of it: This much hated monobloc plastic chair could be an excellent attribute for the Little People A tiny street art project Blog.

Update: Functinal Fate has disappeared but I found a German alternative dedicated to the monoblock chair: PlastikStuhl. Moreover: Jens Thiel‘s Flickr account seems still in operation.