Our Little White Sofa by Christian Vivanco

Young designer Christian Vivanco has designed a steel-framed sofa, which he calls Our Little White Sofa. The sofa is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The concept started with the search for an all purpose piece of furniture, but at the same time looking for a new expression for this kind of piece, according to the Barcelona-based designer.

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Hoo Na Chair by Christian Vivanco

christian vivanco is an industrial designer living in barcelona who sent in images of some chairs he designed.
‘hool´na chair’ is a piece of outdoor furniture that has its own piece of shelter from the hot sun or a light drizzle.

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Chuun Chair by Christian Vivanco

Chuun Chair by Mexican designer Christian Vivanco

Chuun chair: A tree becoming a chair, a hangcoat. Making an extension of the furniture itself we discover a branch allow in us to use it.
Designer: christian israel vivanco dorbecker
Made in Mexico

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