Shoelace Stool by François Azambourg

Shoelace Stool by François Azambourg

From time to time the French Network R3iLab brings together young designers and French often traditional and family owned textile industries to develop new products which they show at Maison et Object. In 2012 through this network French designer François Azambourg and Société Choletaise de Fabrication worked together to create an amazing stool. It is delivered in a flat pack with a cardboard template which in flatform is wound by a composite strand of metallic wire and polyamide threads. When you unfold the cardboard frame and rewire it with the strand you have your stool form. By plugging the strand into a power source, the composite thread is heated through the wire causing the polyamide to solidify. The cardboard frame then can be removed to reveal a solid strand stool.

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Katra by Aparte

Katra by AparteKatra by AparteKatra by AparteKatra by Aparte
Katra is a chair prototype made of ramie fiber by French design agency Aparte.

Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger – Milan 2011 (23)

Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger
Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger
On display at Ventura Lambrata’s “Poetry Happens” this Hemp chair by Berlin, Germany, and Singapore based Werner Aisslinger:

A monobloc chair made of natural fibers, a project supported by the German chemical company BASF.
The Hemp Chair has been designed for a lightweight manufacturing process stemming from the car industry: the renewable raw materials hemp and kenaf are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight and yet strong composite.

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Gaudi inspired Stool and Chair by Bram Geenen


Dutch designer Bram Geenen, an alumni of the industrial design faculty of Eindhoven Technical University was inspired by Gaudi for this design. Hence he coined the chair Gaudi Chair, but I do believe that is a misnomer: Gaudi’s style is much more Art Nouveau inspired than this stool.


However, it was the way Gaudi designed his architectural constructions that was Bram’s main inspiration: By making a model of hanging chains, gravity determined for Gaudi the strongest and most logical shape to withstand forces. Then he would turn the outcome upside down to create his structures and if you look at this photo you will see a cathedral like substructure of the stool.


The Stool and chair consist of a beautiful substructure of rapid prototyped polyamide which is covered by a very thin and light layer of carbon composite material.


For the chair Bram will use computer simulation to see if the computer agrees to what he applied intuitively for the stool design.

I do like the form and style tremendously, but hate to point out that the footprint of the stool is so wide it will stand in the way…but maybe it will be stackable…

Notwithstanding the wrong name, I do believe it will become an iconic design.

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Carbon Fibre Ch.airs by Laisr

Carbon Fibre Chair by Laisr

Laisr is a design studio based in Basel, Switzerland. They specialize in producing furniture using a very non-traditional material, carbon fibre. This super strong and ultra light material is mainly used for engineering purposes, but Laisr has applied it to three chairs in their product line. the reason they use the material is because of its super strength. While most don’t like to think of carbon fibre as a green material, Laisr believes that because its durability makes it last so long, the required energy to manufacture it is justified. They also took the design of the chairs into consideration, creating sleek and, what they believe, to be timeless form.

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