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cork sofa by trevor oneil

Designer Trevor O’Neil took advantage of a building being gutted next door to salvage a bunch of materials into a pretty interesting collection of furniture. Not least of these is this funky, ultra-modern couch made from salvaged cork

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Cortiça Chaise Longue by Daniel Michalik : TreeHugger

A tad old, but still up to date this cork chaise:

We’ve seen today’s entry from designer Daniel Michalik before, but it’s worthy of another look and certainly deserves to be included in any “best of” sustainable design list. Made from cork that originates as the waste material from the bottle stopper industry, Cortiçça showcases cork’s tremendous potential to perform in ways unlike any other material. Says Michalik, “I have discovered that when handled correctly, the natural flexibility of cork allows it to form fantastic, complex shapes no other material can match

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Cub Children's Chair : Branch: Sustainable Design for Living

Cub Children’s Chair
design: Daniel Michalik, 2004
manufacture: Handmade by Daniel Michalik, Brooklyn, NY
materials: Pure granulated cork (reclaimed waste material from the bottle-stopper industry), non-toxic (and ecologically-sound) binding agent
dimensions: 17″ tall x 13″ wide x 13″ deep
about: These childrens’ chairs are made completely from cast cork, which produces a dense, unusual texture that’s highly attractive and intriguing to the eyes and hands of young children.

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Dulce De Leche Divan

cork sofa by trevor oneil

Dulce De Leche Divan

Recycled cork, Birch.

$5,800 – Available

By Trevor O’Neil

Dulce De Leche Divan

The Champagne Cork Capsule Stool

The Champagne Cork Capsule Stool
The Champagne Cork Capsule Stool was designed by James Herman, a US based designer

The Champagne Stool began life at my birthday celebration. I twisted off the wire cage of a champagne bottle and the perfection of the little cork restrainer as a stool struck me. The six images below highlight the development process from initial drawings to a NEW YORK TIMES article and an installation view at the Bubble Lounge in Manhattan.

The finished patented product is a 30 inch high stool with vinyl upholstered foam seat.

Domaine Chandon of Moet Chandon agreed to allow royalty free use of their logo.

The Bubble Lounge in Tribeca, New York City, has its own version.