Sway Cork Stools by Daniel Michalik

Sway Cork Stools by Daniel Michalik

Sway Cork Stools by Daniel Michalik

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Upcycled Traffic Sign “Transit” Tall Back Chair by Boris Bally

Boris Bally and his Upcycled Traffic Sign “Broadway” armchair has already been featured here on Chair Blog, and funnily enough, it was featured in yellow color – the theme color of the month of September on the blog!

Today, I’d like to post Boris’ tall back “Transit” chair, also made of re-used traffic signs, champagne corks and steel hardware. There are so many color and print variations of it that I suggest you go to Bally’s website to see them all!

Image via designboom.com

Boet Stools by Note Design Studio – M&O 2011

Boet, which means ‘nest’ in Swedish, is a stool that takes its form from that of a bird’s home that sits high amongst the trees – elevated, protected, supported by strong branches and a trunk where a soft, rounded place to rest can be found. Created by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio, the seating object is composed of a metal structure with a cork seat.

Boet comes in white, black and blue, and there are high and low versions. The stools are on show at the Couplicite Exhibition during Maison et Objet 2011 in Paris. Personally, I’m a big fan of this idea to combine a polished shiny base with a somewhat rough and ‘raw’ matte seat in one product!

Via designboom.com

MR59 Chair by Avrami Rakovsky

MR59 Chair by Avrami Rakovsky
The other chair that that got my attention while posting Upcoming @ NJIT is this MR59 Chair by Avrami Rakovsky, completely of cork.

In the words of Avrami:

The MR59 Chair is a study of fluidity and manipulation of cork as a material. The idea was to manufacture a chair using cork in a way that would seem impossible. The cork is a sustainable material that lends itself to lightness. It also has a natural springiness that allows for natural cushioning.

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