Morro by deQuinta

A colorful sofa by deQuinta

It all started with a mess. And it was beautiful. Living in Rio, a city surrounded by a bit of chaos here and there, favelas, and thinking that besides all that it works, we figured out that this mess was also functional. And how to incorporate it into a project, how to build upon it? Perhaps even more important, how to make it socially and ecologically relevant and also inspire some criticism? Bring the discussion to your home?
So here is Morro.
Morro is a slang for favela in rio, something like a hill covered with houses built with whatever means they have. And this had to be translated to the project. Built out of foam waste from other traditional sofas, using cloth shreds as lining (with the help of a favela seamstress and craftwork co-operative) different colored and sized cubes are attached to a very simple recycled wood structure with the use of velcro.
As a result, Morro has already won an honorable mention in its first design contest and the production is about to start.
Morro was proudly designed by deQuinta, wich stands for fifth category design, and is composed by Marcelo Damm, Rafael Roldao and Renato Mosci, with the help of Giuliano Mello.

Via Design deQuinta