Concrete Canvas Bench Medusa by Erasmus Scherjon

Concrete Canvas Bench Medusa by Erasmus Scherjon 1

Concrete Canvas Bench Medusa by Erasmus Scherjon 2

Young Dutch designer Erasmus Scherjon who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven last year with this chair as a graduation project has named it Bench Medusa.

This outdoor two-seater bench looks soft, but is hard as a rock.
I used materials with unexpected qualities to create a new vocabulary of forms.
The bench is made of a steel frame covered with Concrete Canvas,
a cement-filled nylon fabric.
In Medusa I have fused steel and cement by dipping the bench in water,
after which the upholstery has turned into rock-hard concrete and the bench had petrified,
without losing its textile appearance and tactility.


This photo shows the creation process of the chair

More and more designs in the new material Concrete Canvas are filtering through nowadays, but Erasmus was one of the first. And: Yes! Julia’s Stitched Stool Post inspired me to finish this one which was on my back burner for quite some time already.


And here a photo that proves Medusa was part of the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show:
Medusa at the Design Academy Graduation show 2010

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